You have amazing clarity and insight. It’s uncanny how perceptive you are. I was stunned by your accuracy. I hope everyone realizes your gift and fills your dance card!!

Gary Sochor, Chicago

Had a Reading today and Dr Alexandra Brooks was extremely helpful. Gave me direction and insight, will be back. Thank you !!!!!

Carolyn Szameit, New York

If like me, you too are a sensitive, intuitive person, you know it is often difficult to apply these qualities to yourself and your own life. That is why I sought a Reading with Alexandra (Dr. Brooks), and she provided much more information than I anticipated. She does not provide hints, but instead offers clear, straight answers and statements that are detailed with highly specific fine points of the topics relevant to my questions. Her answers contained information she could not have known cognitively, as I did not provide that and it is not on the Internet in any way, shape or form. While she is caring and polite, she does not mince words in any way, so you will not be left wondering what she may or may not have meant in your Reading. I look forward to working with her in the future and appreciate her benevolent, positive use of her gift to help, provide affirmative answers and guidance to those of us seeking answers. ~AJR

Allycia R , Tulsa Oklahoma

I had agonized over many months of job searching and not having many viable job prospects. So I called Dr. Brooks to see if she could see if there was really a job looming on the horizon, or whether I would continue without one until I retire (in five years!). She set my mind at ease when she saw that there would be a job and, given time, all would be okay. She made my day. It took a couple of months more, but I secured a job starting next week. I will probably consult Dr. Brooks in the midst of my learning curve when times are tough as she has much insight on such matters.

Karen Yoshida, Laguna Beach

I have known Dr. Alexandra for about 10 or 11 years and her acute listening and intuitive skills have been invaluable tools when I am making crucial life decisions. If I find I am having trouble deciding what steps to take to improve a situation, talking with Dr. Brooks always makes it clear which is the right choice for me to make.

Over the years when friends have talked about problems they've had I just tell them to call Dr. Alex. They always tell me how great she is to talk to. And how much better they feel after a consultation. I never hesitate to call her her number (323) 333-9277 when I'm in a quandary. You should call her too! You won't regret it.

Leslie P, Kenwood CA

I had my first reading with Alexandra probably about 8 months ago. I was in a bad way and it was like talking to her was as if we had known each other for a long time. She told me things that I never even said to her. She is right on the money. She said things that nobody knew and she did predict my future. I am so thankful for her. She is not only somebody for me to go to when I need some guidance but I also feel that she is now my friend. She is always there for me just for a giggle. Just for a little bit of inspiration. She is just a sweetheart.

I have been to psychics before but never ever like Alexandra. She has just made me feel sad, happy, and made me feel like oh my god this is the truth. I am so thankful for her coming into my life and helping me go through this journey. If you need guidance or some peace in your life please don't ever hesitate to call her. She is always there for you. Thank You Alexandra for what you have given me and how you have made me a stronger person. Love you to pieces.

Rhonda Moreno Gaub, Vacaville CA

Don't ask me how Alexandra's "storyboard" works. Those pictures she gets in her head that move and talk and stream live. I don't quite understand how she sees what she sees. It truly amazes me. My wife of 30 years recently passed away from an extended illness. It was a rough couple of years. Very rough. Although Alex claims she is not a Medium. I needed answers to a few questions and Alex was kind enough to help me out even though she does not enjoy that sort of communication.

Alexandra used the same words and expressions my Gerri would have used! She answered each one of my questions. It was eerie. She sounded exactly like my beautiful wife. That Reading gave me a lot of peace. I talk with Alex every three or four weeks now. She walked me through my grief every step of the way. I still have a ways to go and I feel better knowing Alex is only a phone call away.

What I like about Alex the most is how she cares. She gives it to you straight. Yet you still feel supported and you know she is on your side. She is generous. Generous with her knowledge. Generous if you are going through a money squeeze. She will work with you. Alex is very generous with her humor. She never fails to crack me up.

Alex has pulled me through the worst time of my life. She is a blessing to everyone she Reads for but she is an extra special blessing to me. Don't know what I would do without her. Call her! You won't regret it.

Larry Greene, Mount Vernon New York

Alexandra has helped me through a lot of traumatic incidents recently in my life and its amazing the things she sees and the things she knows. I don't know where I'd be without her knowledge and support, thank you for caring!

Lyddia Gray, Sonoma

Alexandra Brooks has been Reading for me and my family since 1989. With her guidance I have been able to make informed choices for my business and personal life. I still don't know how she manages to see everything she sees. I'm not one to go to psychics. But I really trust this woman. I think she may be the smartest person I have ever known. If she ever gets tired of being a psychic she could become a stand up comic. Alex will keep you laughing while you discuss things that might not be easy to hear. I like working with her. As soon as I hear her voice on the phone I start to feel better. Give her a call. Best phone call you will ever make.

Michael Milano, Louisiana

I just recently had another Reading from Alexandra, and I have had many throughout the years. I can't say enough to describe how truly on point Alex always is. She continues to bring so much clarity to the situation, and she handles it with so much love and compassion. If you are looking for a Reading, guidance, I would give Alex a call. You truly won't be disappointed. She's warm, kind, and a beautiful soul. I am proud to call her my Friend!

Kathleen Long, Sonoma CA

just a quick note... I have the deepest respect and admiration for Dr Alex! She has been a great friend, confidant, healer and more to me!
15 years ago our paths crossed and my life has indeed been the better for it.
Thank you dearest friend!!

Gary Sochor, Chicago

Dr. Alexandra Brooks is a gifted and talented counselor with a great deal of life experience to add to her expertise. She is extremely empathic and has a sixth sense and respect and deep caring for all her clients. Her counseling is carefully crafted and delivered with compassion, honesty and education in may of the cutting edge studies in psychology, counseling and metaphysics. She is a great speaker on her known subject and could keep a gathering or class very interested in all the the knowledge she has to share. I have known Dr. Brooks for 35 years and have used her services and been extremely pleased at the help she has offered me.
Besides being an extremely caring and dedicated counselor she is a wonderful singer and a terrific writer. Her blog "Friday's Child" is an uplifting and inspirational shot in the arm online, every Friday.
I would recommend Dr. Brooks for readings, empathic counseling, and speaking engagements. She does an excellent job and is a fine healer

Melanie Jackson-Cracchiolo, LA
SaMel Music

Dr. Alex is the real deal. Truly an enlightening experience. Thank you so much for a great reading. It will not be the last!

Sal Cracchiolo, LA
Tower Of Power

I highly recommend Dr Alexandra for her accurate mind reading - yes - mind reading. If you are unsure about a person or relationship, she is the one to call. It may not be what you want to hear, but hey, you do want the truth, don't you?
I have known and called Dr Alexandra for about 17 years, and will continue to call her about relationships and business advice. Why? Because she is always right! And gives good advice.

Joan Fitzpatrick, West Hollywood CA

I have experienced readings with many psychics in the past. I thought I would try to find a new psychic to see what can I get on an urgent issue and about a relationship in general. I really enjoyed talking with Dr. Brooks. She will give you a direct answer with no sugar coating, she was right on with answering my questions. I had lots of questions too. Especially, about my immediate family problem and a man I was interested in for some time. She knew exactly what is the problem. I was so surprised with her accuracy. Totally recommend a reading with her. Thank you Dr Brooks! You were awesome!

Hiromi Sharp, Tokyo Japan

Thank you Dr Brooks for your wise advice and help with clarity during this "interesting" time of my life. Our discussion left me feeling so much calmer. You helped me turn the corner. My sincere gratitude! Blessings to you.

Deborah Parrish, Tomales Bay CA
Freelance Photographer

"Dr Alexandra Brooks IS AMAZING !!! She gave me the most wonderful Reading today."

Shirley Coffey, Pittsburgh PA

I was given a reading by Alexandra as a gift from my best friend. Alexandra is amazing! She was right on point about things I hadn’t told her, and put my mind at ease about many other things and situations in my life. She’s very comfortable and easy to talk with, and that’s important to me. I’ve talked to intuitives before, but wasn’t as comfortable as I was with her. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Lyndasue Christensen, Sonoma CA

Dr Brooks... you were right! I passed my exam! Thank you so much for your insight and warmth. You've provided me with support and guidance during the past year, and I often use your words of wisdom to get through tough times. Thank you! Take care. 😉

Karen Anon, PA

"My experience with Alex was wonderful. I got some valuable information that helped to put the pieces of a my life a little more at peace. Alex knows what she is talking about and is so honest. I wish I could talk to Alex everyday because it was so enjoyable and informative."

Nora Jeanne Ambrose, Virginia

Thank you so much Dr Alexandra Brooks for Reading for me. I had a lot of insight through it and look forward to writing more lyrical pieces due to your suggestion. I will be calling you again in the future. <3

Assunta Elisabetta, Fairfield Iowa

Thank You so much for my Reading, I really enjoyed speaking with you, you were right on my issues I am having and now I understand. I will be back again. - Sincerely

Carolyn Puryear, NY

Had a Reading with Dr. Brooks Yesterday afternoon. Very sweet women and new exactly how I felt without me having to say anything. She helped me understand some of my personal situations better and with her guidance I feel a lot more confident facing them. I will be having more Readings with her in the future. Thank you Dr. Brooks

Jessica Nogaret, New York

Alexandra Brooks has been coaching me in my life for over 15 years. We have worked on just about everything from creating a successful career to managing my love life. Her special brand of foresight and intuitive knowledge have helped me a lot in shaping a happy and fulfilled life.

She is always straightforward and clear in her advice and while she will be helping you with a specific issue or situation, the advice will work in all areas of life and help you in the long term.
Mostly, working with Alex is a healing experience. Many times,
that's mostly what I needed, to see with clarity, what would be the
best moves in my life. Work with Alex, you won't regret it.

Sharmila Ariathuria, Studio City CA

The blessing is Alexandra Brooks has a gift and will share it with you. She has shared it with me many times and she has always been right; she has not always told me what I wanted to hear but, she has always told me the truth. Without a moment's hesitation, I say: take yourself and your questions and your heart to will never be given false or shady information. Alexandra is a gift and she is waiting to share it with you.

Nadja Judin, Laguna Beach CA
Legal Secretary

Dr. Brooks is an amazing resource. Not simply because of her accurate readings. She will teach you the tools you need to create a more successful life. Whatever that kind of life is for you.

Sharmila Ariathuria, Studio City CA
Film Editor

Dr. Alexandra Brooks has always been spot on in guiding me to my truths in troubled waters. She always knows how to help me head in the right direction. Thanks Alex.

Leslie Pietsch, Santa Rosa CA

If you're looking for guidance today, Alex is the person who should Read for you. She's comforting, gentle, honest and clear about what is happening in your life and the path before you. You'll LOVE her and you will be pleasantly surprised when she's finished your Reading.

Carolyn Machado Rickard, Los Alamos CA

"I have been trusting in Alexandra's insight since 1998. I can't begin to really express how Accurate she is. She has guided me through some very difficult times in which my own intuition was just cloudy and she affirmed and help me see clearly the best course of action. There are times in life when you have so much coming at you at once that you just want to scream and she has helped me clear my mind and my heart so that I can make the best decisions for myself,my family in any situation. I highly recommend her intuition and her good heart to anyone. she's very easy to speak with and she really listens. I am grateful to have had her in my life since 98 and I plan on using her in the future." -Thanks again Alex! Xoxo

Trina Casey, Peoria Arizona

"I recently found myself feeling like I was spinning my wheels and was full of self doubt in making life decisions. I was stuck and full of fear. I needed help to get me unstuck and reached out to Alexandra for a reading. She gently guided me with such insight and truth and helped me to understand the deep nature of my turmoil. Her compassionate guidance and practical suggestions gave me the courage to trust my own intuition and power. She also has a great sense of humor and we laughed a lot. I feel so uplifted. Thanks Alex!"

Pamela Joyce, Petaluma CA

''Over the years, I have known many psychic or higher sense perception persons. The gift that Dr. Brooks possesses is the ability to help you challenge your fears and excuses, get to the truth of an issue and with clear suggestions to achieve your goals. Her concern for your personal best is always at the forefront. She combines and applies psychological understanding with the psychic insight, and expresses the psychological and spiritual with discernment. The way she writes and says things communicates and is poetic and beautifully said. I recommend my friends as well as other psychics to consult her. The positive actions I've taken and the success I am experiencing is because of Dr. Brooks suggestions and encouragement!''

DIane Steinberg Lewis, San Luis Obispo

Friends: Alexandra Brooks is MY sweet inspiration for several years now. She is an 'intuitive empathic,' and what that really means is that she helps you discover or remember the answers that you already have that can help you through life's difficult times, or to work through a decision or life change. This isn't airy fairy new agey stuff. It's real, heartfelt and useful information you can act on NOW. Just recently I called her while in the depths of a painful emotional crisis, always....felt better and was resolved when I hung up. I got 'unstuck' and moved forward. As SOON as I took the action I has been agonizing over for months, something even better occurred to replace that crisis, almost immediately. For me it was a case of: "close one door, and a window opens and a beautiful bird flies in!"... Anyway, I've grown from the experience. I truly cannot say enough about Alex. Get a reading from her. At the very least, sign up for her weekly post, Friday's Child, and now, check out her new Sweet Inspiration Sunday posts on Facebook.


Elaine Lucia, Petaluma CA
Elaine Lucia Music

I am writing on this delightfully sunny Sunday morning to convey my impressions that have arrived after having a deeply enriching experience on the phone with my Facebook
friend Alexandra Brooks just two weeks ago. Alexandra is a 'Reader', that is a 'Psychic.'' I had been following her posts for many months before. I felt the calling to engage her mind and see what wisdom and guidance might emerge.

I did not really know what to expect as this was the first time that I felt drawn to someone who I sensed would be able to offer me knowledge about myself above and beyond my inherent intuition.
The reading that ensued was at once rewarding and insightful for me. I was more than a little bit amazed at Alexandra's comprehension of my current life situation and the advice that she offered was so very in tune with my present endeavors.

I want to highly recommend Alexandra as both a Facebook friend and as a genuine Psychic with exceptional abilities. I hope you will find the time to visit her website.

May all your endeavors, challenges, joys, and tribulations be so clarified with a visit to the heart and mind of Alexandra.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Stephen Budner, Weston CT

Thank you so much for such a great insightful Reading last night. It is amazing how intuitive you are and how you can tap right in to certain situations that I need most assistance with. I am on fire and so inspired!!

Silvie Bordeaux, Los Angeles CA
Bordeaux International PR

I have had quite a few Intuitive Readings before, but the Reading I received from Alex was down to earth, heartfelt, and very perceptive. I had a rough New Year and had been wanting to have a Reading for quite a while. I had met Alex at a party about six years ago and I was going through some old business cards on New Year's Day, and Alex's card was there. The timing of finding her card was perfect and I am very glad I called for my Reading. I will be consulting Alex again.

Debbie Coe, Fairfax CA

Hi, Alex........Thank you, for a great Reading you are so on point! I am truly grateful and excited about my Reading, My spirit is so at awe.Thank you Again for helping me to gain my strength and courage back.

Marlena Taylor, Orlando Florida

Dear Alex! - I loved speaking with you and appreciate your kind and thoughtful connections. What a wonderful gift I was given. Thank you!

Georgia Ruiz, Beverly HIlls CA
Cannon9 Communications

Alex, (hope it is OK to call you that) I was so happy yesterday after our session, I feel lighter and am happy for the first time in a long time!! You seemed to say exactly what I needed to hear, and really helped me with several questions I have been worrying about, also telling me about protecting myself has been put to use several times today. Actually the whole session, hit the nail on the head!!! You are a wonderful, kind, caring person, I HIGHLY recommend your services. I know I will be calling a lot, hope you don't mind. Have a wonderful weekend. I know you have put me on the right path to enjoying mine! ~ Sincerely

Kathy Hamilton, Asheville N.C. (Antique Vendor @ Screen Door)

Alex ~ I just REALLY want to thank you for my reading today. This is the first time I've reached out to someone for something like this. I gave you a few highlights in my life, and you filled in all the pieces of the puzzle for me! I got answers to things I didn't even realize I was looking for, and I got answers to things that helped me make sense out of things in my life, as if to just bring it totally into focus where I couldn't see clearly. You not only touched my life but indirectly the life of my loved ones. I can never thank you enough for that! You are a treasure to speak with and I will definitely be back for more! You are professional and delicate, and extremely insightful into the dark parts. Much love! <3

Allison Daniel Burns, Stockbridge GA

I have known Dr.Alexandra Brooks for quite some time now, about a year ago my family was hit with a very traumatic situation, I hadn't talked to Alex for a long time, yet she was the first person I thought of, during all this, I have had many Readings from Alexandra throughout this past year, she was truly a god send, her accuracy, compassion, clarity, insight, last but not least her honesty, always Helped me see things that I couldn't, she was a port in the
storm, for this I will be eternally grateful.

June of 2013 - I have known Dr.Brooks for many years now,when I need clarity and guidance,she's the first to come to mind,I love her honesty,her accuracy,she's spot on..There is such kindness in her voice,she speaks her truth from the heart,truly has been the port in the storm for me on many occasions..If you get an opportunity,to have a reading from her you won't be disappointed.You will truly LOVE her.

Kathleen Long, Graton CA
Retired U.S. Postal Worker

I would like to tell you about Dr. Alexandra Brooks! I have had a reading session with her about some happenings in my life. She is really a remarkable person that has incredible insight and perspective on daily life and the challenges it can bring! I recommend her with all my heart to bring clarity and well-being in your life.
Thanks xxoo

Laurie Green Bakke, Hendersonville NC
Laurie Bakke's Kitchen

Alexandra was a delight. I usually try and trust my own intuition, but as of late, I have been struggling with a few issues and wanted a fresh perspective. Alex gave me that and some really sound advice.

She was responsible, straight forward, compassionate and accurate.

I appreciate her guidance and trust in her heart and motives. I will tell everyone about her. I only wish we could all be around her all the time! Thank you Alex for your energy and gift. I will reflect on your words and put them to good use. Blessings.

Malia Bento, Washington

I just spent some time this morning by phone with Dr. Alexandra Brooks and I feel so energized. She helped me see so much which I had allowed the clouds in my head distract me from. I wish you all a wonderful day today. I know I will have a good one. God bless! ♥

Mary Helen McCoy, Charleston S.C.
MHMc Fine Antiques

Thank you for such a wonderful reading today.Things are much clearer now. You are amazing! I look forward to having another reading with you soon. Fondly, Jennifer

Jennifer Molineux-Dower

Sometimes you need to stop having a conversation with the voices in your head and talk to someone who can help you hear the message your soul is sending you...thank you Alexandra Brooks - for quieting my thoughts so I could hear the message clearly and for making the rough waters calm...what a gift.

Terilyn Bertsch, Spokane WA

In a time of crisis: Nothing is quite so valuable as help when you are floundering - Alexandra Brooks, thank you so very much for your excellent assistance in helping me see through my turmoil and your guidance in moving through it. A few days ago, all I could do is cry and panic - today, I am calm and steady and on a solid course, no longer stuck in the trees, I have a solid view of the forest and I credit that vision in large part to my reading with you - there are no atheists in foxholes and there are no non-believers on the other side of trouble. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much love.

Nadja Judin, Laguna Beach CA

Alex, your Readings are such a blessing, your ability to cut through the confusion and share your insight with true compassion and true honesty, is such a gift. After talking with you I always feel a renewed sense of purpose and faith. Thank you so much. I am truly blessed to know you.

Melissa Osso, Sebastopol CA

1) Just got off the phone with an incredibly gifted person: Alexandra Brooks. She has unbelievable insight, and the advice I got was pure gold. I highly recommend a reading from her to anyone needing to get their life in focus.

2) Thank you, Alexandra Brooks for another great reading. Your insight and friendship make my life better. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who needs insight and perspective. Highly.

Marlene Peterson, Sonoma County

1) As usual, Alexandra's insight was uplifting and exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks again for being in my life! xoxo from Sonoma.

2) Once again Alexandra brings clarity to my life with truth and joyful wisdom...Thanks so much! xoxo

Faye Behrens

Thank you, Alex, for your remarkable insight in providing a clear path to the truth and light needed in my life at this time. I will continue to seek your expertise and trust your advice in the future.

Jill Gram, Sacramento CA

Dr Alexandra Brooks, gave me so much relief and sound advice that I must highly recommend her to anyone who is trying get some direction to any of the challenges that may threaten to take the sparkle out of your life!

Cheryl MacLauchlan, Sarasota Florida

Dr. Alexandra Brooks gave me such a compassionate but tell it like she feels reading! She's thoughtful about what she does professionally and personally...thanks Alex! And her Friday blogs are a kick!

Alice Bunting, Sonoma CA
Sonoma Humane Society

I have been going through so much with my business I decided to reach out to Dr Alexandra Brooks again. I know I have indicated in several postings about how amazing she is, but she really is! I cannot stop talking about her. She once again saw what I could not and set me on the right path regarding issues with my business- once again- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Nancy Ashby Wilkinson, San Jose CA
Pro-Marketing LLC

I had the most incredible conversation with a lovely lady, Alexandra Brooks! She helped me "clear the fog" that was lingering in my soul and to see the path that is only mine. Her genuine, intuitive thoughts brought clarity and comfort to my restless mind and heart. As an artist, a visual tool or map is necessary for reaching my goal. Alex helped me stay true to that! I will anticipate and envision "my operator board" completely lit up for success! So fortunate to have talked to Alexandra Brooks! Thank you Alex for helping me stay true! ~ Terah

''I took advantage of a quiet house and called Alexandra! Her insight is comforting and brings clarity when most needed. I enjoy talking to her, as if she is an old friend that has the perfect advice! Thank you Alex for your time and I look forward to talking with you again!'' -Terah

Terah Hoover Ware, West Virginia

I just had my first reading with Alexandra...thanks to Nancy Ashby Wilkinson and Irene Turner...I can now highly recommend Dr Brooks also. She is straightforward and right on the money. She is also a pleasure.

Cheryl MacLauchlan

I had a reading last week and the information I received helped me accept my own intution about what I need to be doing for myself - what else - self care... Thanks Alexandra for helping me get honest with myself. 🙂

Cathy Lovett, Rancho Mirage CA

*Recently I had a reading done by Alexandra Brooks. At first I had much skeptiscim. This was the first reading I've ever experienced. Alexandra mentioned during the reading that the things she is saying may not make any sense right now; and they did not. However, a few days went by and ~WOW!~ I was totally amazed and I cannot wait for my next reading!

*I just had a another reading from Alexandra Brooks. This is my second reading... I cannot begin to tell you the in-depth infomation she shared with me. I seriously suggest Alexandra's readings. The information she gives you is right on and so helpful in many ways! Thank you so much again Alexandra!

Nancy Ashby Wilkinson, San Jose CA
Pro-Marketing LLC

I had a reading yesterday with Dr. Brooks. I was truly amazed at how accurate and what great insight she has. I feel a greater sense of peace today, I haven't felt that in a long time. Thank you.

Theresa Kovacs - Palmdale, California

So yesterday I had an session with Dr. Alexandra Brooks. She's an intuitive/psychic-counselor/therapist who, with great insight and gentleness, helps you see the possibilities. Sometimes it's good to know that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you can't see it yourself. If you need a little help...she's the one. You can find her right here on FB under Dr. Alexandra Brooks. She also writes a fabulous weekly blog called "Friday's Child"
Check it out. A lot of great wisdom which we can all use in this time of change, don't you think?

Irene Turner
Irene Turner At Home

I LOVED my reading yesterday. It was very, very helpful and opened my eyes to some things that I really needed to recognize. I So appreciated it. Thank you Dear Alex

Lisa Mack Cohen
Send Out Cards

Wow! I just had a reading with Alexandra Brooks! I was working some stuff out in my head about things and she really helped me put things in perspective with some great advice. I love this gal!

Melanie Jackson - Cracchiolo

Peeps, if you haven't had a Reading with Alexandra Brooks you are missing out on a wonderful gift to yourself. She keeps me on track and reminds me that I have all my own answers. Those answers get drowned out by the noise of Life, but I am learning to listen, and it inspires me and restores my energy and commitment. Seriously: I am a skeptic. But NOT when it comes to the Gift of Alexandra!!

Elaine Lucia
Girl Friday

Wow! I just had the most amazing reading with Alexandra Brooks. It was for fun, but it ended up blowing my mind. She is a psychic counselor/therapist. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. She knew things and helped me more than I can say. She made me feel amazing....and I'm not really fooled by this stuff. I can be skeptical...but this was really wonderful.

Melanie Jackson-Cracchiolo

Alex: thank you for the wonderful phone session this morning!! You are SUCH an inspiration and the best cheerleader!! xxxx I'm on it right now!! Peeps: if you haven't had a Reading with Alex you are missing out on something very special, and very helpful. Everyone needs a little help now and then. Alexandra Brooks is there for you, trust me on this!!!

Girl Friday
Girl Friday

Over the several years I have been working with Alex, she has always been insightful helping me to successfully navigate what have been (at times) choppy waters. Her input has led me to soul-search and come to conclusions (on my own) that I have been quite satisfied with! Every time I have a session with Alex, she manages to pull information "out of the air" that only I could have known - hmmmm? 😉

Christina Wilkerson
Financial Service Manager

You gotta talk with Alex!! She is truly gifted. Very kind, compassionate, insightful and helpful. She can give you answers. Thank you from my most grateful heart, Alex. Love you! ~ Licensed Mani/Pedicurist

Got questions?
Need answers or clarity on issues you're perplexed about?
Have a reading with Dr Brooks.
She is very gifted, accurate, truthful and clear with the info she is relaying to you.
She is a true delight! Go ahead, get your reading with her. You won't be disappointed!!
Love, love, LOVE Dr Brooks:))

Shelley Olson
Lily's Salon 707-824-1075

Alex, Amen and Thank you! I could have saved myself a lot of time & money in therapy if I would have taken this advice years ago!!! You go girl!!!!

Brenda P, Pittsburgh PA

"Alex, I visited your website and loved it. I will make reading Fridays Child a weekly habit. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing your special gift :)"

Sandy Pohlman Uelhof, St Louis Missouri

"Thanks Alexandra!! Your Friday's Child gave me comfort and inspiration at a time when I needed it most."

Rhonda Lassiter, Cleveland Ohio

"Alex, what an awesome reading tonight. I felt so good afterwards. It was a lot of fun and I was amazed at how much you remembered from a reading you did almost 3 years ago. I look forward to keeping in touch."

Linda Anson, Dillon Beach CA

"Alexandra Brooks Dr. Brooks thank you so much for your insights today. Your readings always give me a new and clear perspective not just about others, but about myself. Without your help it would take me so much longer to recognize and break the patterns that bind and manipulate my subcious thoughts and decisions. Your generosity and patience is a gift to everyone. You are so very inspiring and skillful in what you do. Thank you so much for being available to us all. I look forward to checking in with you again in the future."

Sierra Lewis/ Graphic Artist, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I have known Alex for years and she is one of the most compassionate people I've had the pleasure of meeting. She has the amazing gift of gentle counseling and loving insight. She introduces a new and healing perspective to life's many challenges. In other words, she's the best!"

Camile O'Briant/ Artist-Photographer, Los Angeles

“Dr Alexandra Brooks has become such a valuable gem in my life. She has guided & inspired me both in my personal life and in my business. She has helped me increase my cash flow taking my business to a whole new level. The information she has given me has tremendously improved many situations in my personal life also. I will continue to consult Alex for all the major decisions in my life. She is a joy to work with and she is honest! Two very important qualities when you allow someone into your life.”

Karla Logue, CA

Alexandra is simply the best. Much insight from a very in tuned person of this realm. The information flows to and through her and it is good for anyone to listen. She gave wonderful insight for my daughter and her new child. I am pleased to know her and to be her friend. Don't waste time in getting your reading from her, do it today as you will never regret that decision. Blessings to Alexandra.

Tony Adams, Hilo Hawaii

Alex is a FABULOUS Intuitive. She's gentle, loving and care-giving. Her website is special, as is her blog. She Reads for you on the phone. She's been my loyal, trustworthy, dearest friend and a tremendous source of Inspiration in my life for 40 years!

Alex is a beautiful, comforting and honest Empath. If you need clarity and guidance today, Alex will provide you with a path to fulfillment and ease. Peacefully from her heart. Call her for a Reading, you'll be glad you did.

Carolyn Rickard, San Anselmo CA

I highly advise you to get a Reading from Dr will surprise you!

Suleiman Telfah, Houston Tx
Hair Stylist

Had the most amazing reading with Alexandra today....she answered so many questions...that I have been wrestling, love, health, career!! I feel that I have much clearer direction in my life, with a more positive outlook!!! Can't wait til my next reading. Thank you Alexandra, you have a gift!!! :)"

Earlene Angevine, Canada
Manitoulin Midwifery

Hey People, I had a nice life path consultation session with my intuitive pal Alexandra Brooks. Man she had me nailed and was great help. Feel free to look her up for some keen spiritual advice. The lady has some shimmer and will help you look inside your heart and soul. She is blessed with a gift!

Jorge Bermudez
Bermudez Triangle

I had a Reading with Alexandra and she was so helpful in giving me some new insights on my life. It just gets so complicated sometimes and it's so exhausting to try and sort it all out. She really has a remarkable intuitive gift and in a no nonsense, non judgmental, often witty and always honest way she guided me out of muck and mire. Need a little inspiration? Sign up for Friday's Child.........

Pamela Joyce
True Tone Skin

I want to give my friend and sage, Alex Brooks, a big thank you for her wise counsel. Alex is an intuitive reader, ordained minister and spiritual guide extraordinaire.

Linda Clements

Dr. Alexandra Brooks is a great counselor. I enjoyed her intuitive advice and I am on fire with her predictions for 2011. It's wonderful to have support and input. Alexandra is MORE than a psychic! Not only is she intuitive but she counsels you into action. She explains in such a way that targets exactly what you need to do for the results you want for your life to come to the fullness of well-being. Like someone who KNOWS you! She NAILED just where I was, and where I'm going. I had experienced several situations and had thoughts about it. Her counsel was confirmation I was on the right path. The path is there all the time! And though we must walk it by ourselves, it's nice to have a motion sensor street light around that corner! Thing is... it doesn't come on until you move in its direction. Thanks Alex, for that extra flashlight!! Need some clarity? Call Dr Brooks.

Diane Steinberg Lewis, Singer/Songwriter

#1 I really like this woman. She's a gentle, caring soul and was wonderful to speak with on the phone. The Reading was accurate and helpful. I often thought about it in the months afterward. Dr. Brooks is both bright and a bright light in the world. Call her folks! She's really good...and has the sweetest voice to listen to. I love me some AB!"

#2 Dr. Brooks is a lovely Intuitive, very sweet and smart and easy to talk to. As unsure as the world is right now, talking to her might help you make some right decisions for the new year! Sometimes you just need to talk to the right person.

Therra C. Gwyn, Atlanta GA

“Alex’s insight is life altering. The information she brought forward in our time together allowed me to see what was blocking my creativity and my finances. Talking with her was one of the most important and powerful things I’ve done to change my life for the better. Alex has a wicked sense of humor which helps to make even the hardest truth so much easier to hear. Every Reading I have had with her has not only been inspirational but way too much fun!”

Nik Sakellarides/ TV & Film Composer, South Africa
Pink Room Productions

“Alexandra’s Spiritual insights and Psychic abilities have helped me immeasurably in my career and personal life.”

Marilynn Oleksinski, Iowa
Bubbles Pet Spa

“Having applied the tools Alexandra has given me through her spiritual wisdom and psychic abilities, I now make better choices which brings forth prosperity in all areas of my life.”

Silvie Bordeaux, Sherman Oaks CA
Bordeaux International PR

“When I met Alex for the first time I was stressed out and in a great deal of physical pain. We met through a mutual friend and, as we all spoke, I could sense that Alexandra was a kindred spirit. She reminded me about using ‘light’ as a healing process, particularly pink light. I took her advice and had an immediate sense of healing. I went on to have a Reading with Alex and, keeping in mind her insights and guidance, over a period of a few months I am enjoying an entirely different life! My health has much improved, I am calm and happy -and I have a wonderful new job! Alexandra exudes an aura of her own soothing light. I believe she is able to tap wisdom that can draw us to believe in ourselves and thus create new paths for manifesting what we seek in life."

Laura L. Ellis

“ Alexandra has been very insightful and right on the money regarding an overwhelming worry with my daughter’s health. She has also been very instructive and extremely accurate i.e. my job as well. At critical times of decision-making I call Alexandra and I feel I am being guided the right way.”

Amy Peterson/ VP, New Jersey
Banana Republic NYC

“Alexandra was able to give me sound, usable information that helped me get through a combination of family, professional, and volunteer over-commitments. Through Alex’s abilities as a seer, I was able to soar through with style and graciousness from dread to enjoyment. I drew my “helpers” to me as the day enfolded and felt blessed at the end. The outcome was perfect!”

Linda Santa Rosa

“I was stuck on some business issues and I called Alex for a Reading. Her Reading was like a gentle sprinkler on a parched garden. The Reading was very uplifting, right-on and true. Alex is really great! Pick up the phone and call her for a Reading now! Just do it!"

Alana Jelinek
Alana Jelinek Design

“Whenever you want to know what is going on in the mind of another being—what they are thinking and what they are scheming, I recommend you call Alexandra. She will be 100% on target with those people’s thoughts. You will instantly and intuitively know yourself when you hear her words. I recommend Alexandra to my friends when they need to know what their spouses are thinking and doing or thinking of doing! She can prevent you from making disastrous mistakes.”

"Alex, You did the most amazing reading for my friend today. Talk about going into the mind of another person!! You do the best mind reading of all......a real gem!!"

Joan Fitzpatrick/Real Estate Pro, West Hollywood CA

“Remarkable! Alex named a significant person from my life I hadn’t thought about in years, bringing back to life a creative character my soul needed to reconnect with. Her ability to communicate delicacies of the heart brought understanding and peace. I have great faith in her abilities. She has great skill in verbalizing the perspective on the truth of real situations which for me was very helpful."

Antonia Gottesman, Author-Composer-Artist Sebastopol CA

“Dr Brooks, to state things simply, is one of the finest counselors I know in any profession. Her insights have never been wrong, EVER!”

Clark Reiner/ Investment Banker NYC

“Talking to Alex is not only an insight into my life or an opportunity for clarity regarding some issue. After a few minutes of talking to Alex, I feel lighter and more at peace in my own skin. She is a great resource for comfort and support.”

Sharmila Ariathurai/ TV & Film Editor, Studio City CA

“I recently had the most marvelous Reading from Dr Brooks. She was able to tune into my situation immediately to the point of understanding the other personalities involved which helped me to see things more clearly. The Reading had a very calming effect and has been helpful to me in dealing with and accepting what is happening in my life. Thank you Alex!"

Joan Dermody

“Alexandra Brooks turns mind fog into clarity & peace. Thank you Alex."

Joyce Schumann, Interior Design

“Earth. Solid. Rock. Foundation. Safety Net. Lifesaver. Angel. Grace. Alexandra Brooks is all this and more. When Stage IV cancer decided my life would come to a screeching halt and then take a free fall, Alexandra stepped in and provided the physical and spiritual strength and clarity that was absolutely critical to my survival and consequent healing. At the time, it was not expected that I would live beyond a few days and that was [more than five years ago.] I believe that so much of my survival has to do with my mental, emotional and spiritual strength and perspective. This due in large part to the many tools I learned while attending Alexandra’s “Life In The Mirror” Workshop and most importantly, what I have learned through our friendship/counseling. If you are searching for insight, this is where you find it.”

Lisa Renee Ashook, Santa Monica CA

“Dr. Alexandra is an accurate, warm, accessible intuitive reader. She has always given me excellent feedback. It’s amazing what she can read. Her responses are caring yet direct. I found it particularly helpful that she does not allot a designated time for our readings; Alexandra bills by the minute… so whether I need twenty minutes or an hour and twenty, my needs are met. I recommend Dr. Alexandra Brooks for any questions you have about your life. She’s very clear, and her words will empower you.”

Jennifer Mills Kerr
Jennifer Mills

“I have known Alex and her work for nearly 40 years. To say she is not only gifted, but right on the money, would be to ignore the most important aspects of her work. if you are looking for insights where the rubber meets the road, unwavering space to grapple with it all, clarity and a good dose of humor, than Alex is your gal. sometimes the truth about ourselves can feel like a sucker punch; Alex wraps those insights in the White Light of Healing, in the Service of unwinding and in the clarity and compassion born of years and years of study and self reflection. She is not in it for herself....she is truly present and unattached to outcomes. if you want hearts and flowers, call the psychic hotline, but if you want a deep, compassionate, honest look into the questions your soul is asking, book a session and start the process. on a side note...Alex is also the greatest singer you have never heard, and that astounding six and a half octave coloratura range of hers could easily serve as metaphor for her spiritual work.”

Dr Ellen Lazares, Acupuncturist/Healer
White Tiger Wellness, Los Angeles

"If you are in search of an excellent Intuitive-Empath with a kind and loving heart I highly recommend Dr Alexandra Brooks. I had a wonderful experience during our reading and gained insight beyond my expectations. I also enjoy Dr Alexandra’s weekly inspirational letter/email called Friday's Child; I look forward to it each week, it's amazing how her message resonates in my life, she's amazing!"

Charlotte Pearce
Affinity Pet Services

"I love hearing from Dr. Alexandra Brooks and she is so good at communication, that it is always an informative and uplifting experience. She is easy to be with, funny, and bright as a new penny. She has given me special information that only an Empath can in regards to personal and professional concerns. Highly recommending Dr. Alex is easy, you'll be glad you utilized her unique talents and sensitive antennae to assist you. We can all use the help of someone with integrity and intelligence, even if the information is not accessible to us directly. Sometimes, knowing that we are also intuitive allows us to go forward after confirming that from another person with knowledge and care. I highly recommend Dr. Alex to those who want to succeed in both their personal and professional arenas.

Linda Reitzell, Santa Rosa CA
Sunset Travel

 "It's difficult to describe exactly what Alexandra Brooks does...all I know is that she has literally helped me to change the way I think about my life, and has shown me how to trust myself to make important decisions in my personal, professional and spiritual endeavors. Alex is intuitive, very spiritual, warm, gentle, kind...and funny. Alex is truly remarkable and I am a big-time skeptic...or I should say, I was. But the very first time I met her I knew she was absolutely genuine in her desire to be helpful and to serve people. Alex wants the highest good for everyone, and she knows how to help you achieve it for yourself. I highly recommend Alex, without reservation. I will continue to use her services on an ongoing basis. She has helped me changed my life, no doubt about it."

Elaine Lucia, Petaluma CA

My dear friend and confidant knew I needed to break out of the box and point of view I was holding, She referred me to Alex and Alex agreed to take my call. The conversation flowed as if we were old friends who picked up where we’d left off the last time we’d spoken. Whether it was a week ago or ten years ago. Alex knew me like my best friend does. I was stunned because the conversation was like talking to my oldest closest friend; only I never had contact with Alex before. Upon hearing my salutation she knew so much. I asked my friend “What did you say to her?” She told me “All I did was tell her you’d be calling, nothing else.”
Alex saw parts of my life that were challenging and made concrete statements for action and gave me warnings about other issues. Her insights into my son who I never intended to discuss came flowing out. Her perceptions were astoundingly accurate.
I am a qualified professional. I write reports that insurance companies and law firms rely upon for their accuracy and diligence.
Alex has gently, and powerfully steered me towards my future. She noticed where I have been stuck and explained why. Alex’s intuited insights gave me a basis for moving myself ahead.
The unexpected added benefit was seeing my son move in a direction that would enable him to build a strong foundation for his future.
Alex is clear in her insights and was remarkable in picking up details outside of the range I anticipated. I would recommend Alex to anyone seeking clarity. She is honest and clear. If she does not know about some aspect she says so. She works from her truth, unvarnished.
I have maintained communication with Alex since March of ’09 and expect that our communications will continue indefinitely. Her summing up of my circumstances and concrete suggestions are practical and as I follow them I am encouraged that the results she envisions will manifest.
Alex was no nonsense, and spoke with authority on what she saw. Talking to her was like having a conversation with an old dear friend. How she knows what she I does I cannot explain. I can tell you that Alex is easy to speak to. her being is authentic. Entering Alex's realm has continued to provide esoteric support that feels protective, and nourishing to me.
Alex is generous, warm, polite, and honest in her readings. Without any reservation I highly recommend a consultation with Alex to anyone needing a perspective from the etheric realms.


Kathy Z-Poppers/Art Appraiser, Iowa

Dear Dr Brooks, I Thank you for helping me on my life's journey with the wonderful Reading you did for me. It helped! I have my trade marking in order. I have my ingredients to make and distribute to the deli/markets here. I am lining up my ducks and getting ready to fly. I appreciate your gift. You help guide troubled souls to a higher level. Thank you, Thank you. When you see me fly, know you helped. You've given me the wind beneath my wings to send me off. - Hugs, Rebecca

Rebecca Arnett, Bodega Bay CA
Jem Desserts

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