It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure. – Ernie Harwell

I want to wish anyone reading this blog all the very best the New Year has to offer. It’s been a wild 9 year and the One year to come will have its own challenges. Keep on keepin’ on no matter what. Here is to new adventures. Long may they rule. Sending… Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss. For the Highest Good of All. And so it is!

The year has danced on by faster than a rock drummer on meth playing Wipe Out. And there is no getting behind the beat now to play it again with feeling. It’s gone. – Whatever Happened To Car Hops?

America is a lightening rod for misdirected hatred. Our priorities are askew and we have an outmoded voting system. – Love Is Blind

Remind yourself that you came to earth with a purpose in mind. If you have lost sight of your purpose, it’s OK. Your purpose has not lost sight of you. – Duende & Saudade

I have trouble with commitments that do not include a Mediterranean climate with an Ocean view. – Holla!

You can go through the motions or you can move on. Is it really a choice? – Half A Year And Sixty Thousand Tears

This is my best day in paradise yet.

Don’t tell the Happiness Gods, K?  Those bitches have been known to turn on you if they think you are having too much fun. – Where The Dogs Are

I have known all of my life that I will never walk alone. Twisty, windy, agita ridden as the road may be I am never alone. I am being lead by a Divine Companion. I trust Its sense of direction implicitly. – Walking Alone: A Minor Misconception

Now sugar, you aren’t really going crazy? The world is going crazy and you are the cute collateral damage. – Searching For Pink Unicorns

So far, Time is still the winner and belt wearing champion. – If Not Now, When?

Joy will eat your pain for breakfast. But you have to be hungry enough to really en-Joy it. – Down The Rabbit Hole Blues

There are two kinds of people on earth. Those that are at their best in the storm. And those that can barely handle a little rain. – Being Seen

Our ability to see things in a quick three line form is a gift. And what we see on any given day should take our breath away. Even if only lasts a moment. – Reverse Perspective

We have to find a way to turn down the noise in our lives. Angels are whispering. What they are whispering is all we really need to know. We don’t have to make plans. We don’t need to go out of our way to find inspiration. We just have to listen for instructions. Read the fine print. And look for signs. – Grant Me The Serenity

Peace over madness. – Morro Bay

Look, whether you like it or not. It is time to embrace the feminine. Embrace it before it is too late for us to ever come into harmony as a nation again. – Denying The Divine Feminine

Tolerance is a mask. A way of making light of how we really feel because we don’t think we have the right to feel that way.  As if we don’t have the right to be right. – Welcome To The Dark Side

What I know about life is that it is rarely punctual. It shows up when it damn well feels like it. Like a rock star with a hit record and an entourage. Just strolls in any ol’ time and proceeds to hold court when you least expect it. – Ocean View

Your faith in yourself and what you care about give you wings to fly, even on the worst possible days. – Great Stories

When you move you are forced to face your past. When you move a lot you are forced to let go of the past. – Club Change

Not isolating is the key to killing the blues. – Long Live The Blues

Practice makes pretty, not perfect. – Grace Notes

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