Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: ‘Here are our monsters,’ without immediately turning the monsters into pets. – Jacques Derrida

To doubt all that you believe at least once in your life will open the doors of perception to the truth. The layers of which imbricate layer after layer after over lapping layer until certain truths are undeniable. I tend to a deconstructionist when it comes to traditional ways of thinking. I see only the rare benefit of doing things as they have always been done. Taking on pedantic ideas such as family values, patriotism, party loyalty are not black-ink trade in my world.

Family values? Define family. You mean those folks that you have not one thing in common save your last name? Patriotism? A patriarchal bond that has created nothing but trouble the world over. Party loyalty? Presently, there is not one political party or philosophy that is worthy of my loyalty. They are all wanting, limiting, and are far too easily given to corruption. I find it best to distance myself from the mundane. There is no glory in business as usual.

Moral truth is for the most part shaped by the culture you live in. What we accept as morality here in the West is not a given in the Middle East or Asia or anywhere other than here. One would think that morality is absolute, as it is generally based on what is or isn’t painful. If something hurts in Bakersfield it hurts in Bangkok. But I’m finding that more often than not pain is subjective. Therefore morality is subjective. And that doesn’t set well with me.

As a prey species we create monsters as fear management. A defense mechanism. Jung called it the Shadow. The  “self and the psyche that are disowned and repressed because they are considered to be bad and evil.” That Shadow wants to feel “the thrill of fangs and claws, the thrill of copulation without commitment, the dog within going wild after a lifetime on the leash.” Monsters express our darkest desires. We fear our monsters. But the moment we make them known they lose their power. They become tame. They become our pets.

Keep in mind that monsters do not see themselves reflected in mirrors. We deny them humanity. We deny them, at a cultural level even though we created them. We deny them because we are afraid of them. We deny them because they are mere humans. In order to be a monster they have to be capable of inhumanity far beyond what we can perceive. But we don’t have to perceive them. They have to perceive themselves. To perceive themselves they need access to a mirror. It is our duty to provide a means of reflection. We are the mirror. It is not our place to help them create their myth and allow them to plunder and burn the landscape. Our place is to deconstruct outmoded ways of being in the world. Deconstruct power structures that have run their course. Deconstruct lies. Let go of the myths. Reflect the truths.

Deconstruct destruction.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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