One day music will take its rightful place as the true religion of mankind. – Inayat Khan

Nothing like the bittersweet taste of Desperation Pie. Add a little scoop of despair on the side and you can chew your way into a depression in no time. It’s one of those carefully layered concoctions we usually save for special occasions. There’s that flakey crust we first bite into. A nutty layer of emotion just beneath the buttery melt. Then we can literally swim in the soft creamy center of the issues that brought us this yummy gift from heaven in the first place. A recipe guaranteed to sap you of your joy and keep you feeling agoraphobic for weeks at a time.

If we stay awake and accept that we are dipping into a funk we can catch the fall. There is a good chance that we won’t have to eat the entire pie. We want to avoid laying into the abyss of trouble down below the self-pity line.

Depression is subjective. In order to sort it out we need to ask ourselves a few questions. What does depression feel like to you? How do you feel? Are you sad. Listless? Agitated? Feeling hurt and unloved? Find the answer. Give it a name.

Next. What are you depressed about? Is it something specific that caused you to feel hurt or a general malaise? No matter what it is that brought you there don’t be ashamed for having these feelings. Even if your rational mind says that it makes no sense to feel this poorly over such an insignificant event. If you give into inertia, feeling bad about feeling bad, it will create a spinning wheel of hopelessness and avoidance that is hard to get off of.

The crusty layer at the top of the pie is all emotion. Emotion leads to action or inaction. It morphs into anger, passivity, an inability to make simple decisions. The list goes on.

Next. Depression has its reward. It is an adaptive mechanism that may help you identify your core beliefs about yourself and the way you feel things should be. Find out what it is we believe we should be. Why we aren’t as we should be? Why we are angry about the way things are as opposed to the should of it all. Having the answers to these questions will keep you in your left brain long enough to give your right brain a rest. Knowledge is power and power is energizing.

Depressed, angry people are not easy to love. You find out fast who your friends are. They are the only people willing to hang with you until you are through the fire. Find your funniest friend and keep them close. Humor is the great equalizer and re-framer. If you lose your sense of humor? Hold onto someone else’s. It will pull you through. Depression messes with your mad skills. Keeps you small. That’s not you. That’s depression working its black magic.

If you have clinical depression you already know what to do. Do it. And continue to do it.

If you are simply trying to keep yourself up when you feel like going down? Other than humor the only thing foolproof in its healing ability is music. It will lift you up high when you are low. Inspire you when you are unable to find your spirit. Pull you out of the fire and into the bliss in the time it takes to download your favorite artist on your listening device. Music is automatic joy and when you are joyful nothing can really knock you down. I personally worship at the altar of Music.

I am a devotee.

A religious fanatic if you will.

I prescribe a daily double dose of this powerful drug called Music to everyone. It will help you to keep on keeping on. Keeping on is what the biggest slice of Life Pie is all about.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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