If you don’t approve of me and continue to mind every move I make?  Child. You’re a fan!

~Dr Alexandra Brooks

More often than not the grass is greener on the other side because it is fake. Remember that whenever you are feeling unfulfilled or jealous of what “they” have. Tend to your own garden of real and let by gone’s be gone altogether. Allow the people that make you feel uncomfortable to go. People don’t usually change. They are revealed when the mask falls down.

I don’t own a TV these days. I was relieved of that terrible burden in a recent robbery when my storage unit in Vegas was broken into. Instead of Comedy Central playing in the background of my day to keep me company. I have the music of the Ocean to keep me warm. Also, I keep my phone on for social media updates. Especially since the 2016 Election. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, He-Who-Is-Not-My-President, 45 and his posse are full of shenanigans amongst other things. Their everlasting nonsense keeps me and at least half the nation hyper-vigilant and restless the better part of the time. As the mask falls down the truth is revealing itself one Tweet after another.

I am on most of the social sites. Not everyone agrees with my Humanist albeit smart-ass views. I used to bridle at internet trolls that would follow me from site to site. The nasty comments and caps-locked diatribes. They research and find out what they can about you to throw in your on-line face. Little gold nuggets of absolutely nothing or the info would never have been made public in the first damn place. I mean, if they hate me so much why are they trolling me? Personally, I avoid people I don’t care for. I also avoid people I care for but don’t have anything nice to say to. Taking time out of your day to research a person you disagree with you don’t know from Jim Jesus? Man, that’s just nuts. Must be love.

This cyber-presence reality is odd. To the people reading your posts you are what you write. You are those smiling photos. You are the silly memes and political statements you re-post and comment on. A cute video of a dog cuddling with a cat captures your heart. You share it. People assume you are an animal lover so you must be a nice person. They don’t know a thing about your relationship to animals, wildlife, or domesticated humans. Still, you are the way you made them feel with that share. You write a few words concerning a loss and most people can relate. You mouth off about some heinous thing a politician or the guy standing behind you at the post office said. Your followers will like, comment, emoji their interest in what you have to say.

Is it disturbing? This on-line mask potential cat fish persona? Maybe it should be. The thing is, live up close and personal relationships can be just as illusive. Sometimes even more so. In person I’m a fairly quiet, well-mannered gal with a wicked sense of humor. Kind of wicked period  if truth be told. On-line I am a writer, writing. My writer self is given to bleeding snark and long winded rants. The one thing we both have in common? Neither of us gives a care about what anyone thinks of us.

How are you doing in the give a care department these days?

Does everyone have to like you or you get your feelings hurt? Do you require more love and attention than ten people could ever offer you all at once? Is your life more about looking like you have a good life rather than actually having a good life? Are the people you share your life with safe and sound humans to be around? Or do you have to pretend with them to get through a day without a drama?

Relationships are best kept real.

In order to attract like-minded people into your life you first have to be yourself. Otherwise, you send out a mixed signal. People will keep a distance and not even know why. They don’t feel easy around you because you don’t feel easy around you. I find that the better I know myself and approve of the person I am without the mask? The easier it is to connect with other humans on-line or in the flesh. No matter how unlikely a union it may appear to be.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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