I was born without the need-to-belong gene, the gene that says you have to be in a little group to feel secure. – S.E. Hinton

Some people are born to be alone. Others are lone wolves by circumstance. Their lives were such that they experienced the darkest of times. In the absence of light, they learned to walk alone through the solitary abyss. They held on sure footed through the barrel of the maverick. Found themselves gloriously alive and breathless on the shore with the heart of a dragon. Dragons are not sheep. They do not require a profusion of company to enjoy the day. Indeed, dragons know they inspire fear in the minds of lesser beings. So, they steer clear of the lesser.

Lone wolves are in love with the enigmatic energy of the moon. In love with a dream they can never hold. Like everyone, they have moments when they wish someone would have taken the time to know them. Understand their shy ways. Loved them in the light of day. Those are only moments. Wistful feelings fade. The reverie is real. It will call them back again some moonless night. It’s a given. Real is to be respected, not feared.

Lone wolves live on the rugged, mutable edge of the earth. They roam like a gypsy that has been excommunicated from their tribe. At some point they woke to the fact that they don’t really need a dysfunctional band of loons called family. They think and feel evermore clearly without the drama and expectations of an extended clan.

If you are someone that has a holy curiosity about life, other humans can be a distraction. Successful relationships take an inordinate amount of time and desire to nurture. They rarely work out for a loner. Not because they aren’t generous and loving. Not because they don’t know how to show up and stand up for someone they care for. They simply do not value attachments the way most people tend to do. Any of this sound familiar?

Sheep become bored. They don’t complain. They understand the price they have pay to be a part of the herd. Wolves that leave the pack can get lonely. Loneliness is part of the deal. It’s written in the contract. It’s the price we pay for freedom. And that is a beautiful thing.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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