The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven about by winds blowing about from all four corners of heaven. – Martin Luther

Beauty is a terrorist. One we appear to be unable to brook. How will we ever transmute our demons into angels when every sign of Peace threatens us with its Light? I have spent a weary lifetime striving to understand the human heart. I believe Martin Luther got it right the first time. It is a ship on the sea cast about by the winds of heaven. I conjointly acquiesce to the weight of my personal research. I have discovered that the buffeted surface of the heart is healed and born again by the eloquence of Love. Beauty. Truth. Knowing. Whatever Divine Prescription works for us at the time.

The current state of affairs in the Universal United States Of Hearts is troublesome. It may be too risky a flight to attempt to read hearts in these dark days. Reading a heart requires forbearance and compassion. Qualities we own in short supply when our life force is exhausted by the ever increasing malice of the turbid, invidious, opaque souls in our midst.

When your inner experience with life cannot support your efforts to accept what is. Your internal conflict will create havoc with your chemistry. The strain builds toxicity in the system. When these toxins are released they deprive you of your energy. We weren’t meant to live in a constant theme of toxic conflict.

What to do?


Human interaction today is not so much about availability and reliability. We are asking for more. We are asking for more because we will never be satisfied with less. The trouble is we are not receiving a top drawer product in response to the ask. That’s where the vexation begins. When you ask for passion, shared wisdom, similar values, and mutual admiration. You are asking for a lot. These are gratifying virtues none but the fearless have to offer. And courage has always been a rare commodity.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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