If you gotta tell a story, come with some attitude, man. – Miles Davis

Awhile back I posted a photo of myself with blue filters on my Facebook Wall. I said something about being blue. I received calls and texts about it. People thought I was depressed. I was referring to the blue filters. I bought a new phone and it had all of these cool features I was trying out. That day I understood for the first time the power of a sad story someone puts out there for consumption. 

If I were really feeling poorly I would never post about it. I will post a rant. Lately with 45 in office I post several daily. That’s different. I don’t believe in driving the drama bus on social media. That is fine for norms. They need an outlet for wild emotions. I’m not a norm.

I’m a healer and a singer. Singers have no business going dark for more than a minute. Singers are magical beings born with a joy switch. Healers find joy in healing. Only an ungrateful wretch refuses their gifts. Singing is a cure. So, singers? No whining. Feeling a little blue? Shut up and sing. Unless you have a pitch problem then just shut up.

All this being said. I am too much of a smart ass to be sad.

The bad news is I’m too much of a smart ass.

It is how I have learned to cope with every day annoyances. I use humor, wit, snark to make the darkness go away. These are trying times for most of us. Find your own way to stay above the fray and detach. Do not allow what is going on outside to make you ill on the inside. Vent and move along. Stay lifted.

Music. Art. Literature. Movies. Comedy. Nature. Meditation. Dance. Water. All of these things are healing modalities. We are going to need them in abundance to weather the storm of the madness around us. When it is over there will be a story to tell.

Find a way to tell the story with some attitude. Even if the story is sad.

Stories save us.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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