All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. – The United Nations Charter

There is a lot to be said for brotherhood, sisterhood, and human-hood. It makes it easier for us to cut through the fat and relate when we can identify with a certain group of people. We don’t have to waste time on context. We assume the people in our hood gets the idea. Knows where we are coming from because they have been there and done that. So, let the bonding begin. It’s like short hand. You can get away with all kinds of crazy when you are accepted as part of a band of like spirits. Certain behavior that would never be embraced from an outsider are fine within the group.

Being in the band is an important part of your identity. It is your support group. Your family. It is understandable that one would feel protective about the people involved. After all your family provides you with love, healing, acceptance. It makes life easier when you belong. We need to know who we belong to. We need to know who belongs to us. It’s essential.

Most people do not enjoy being different in the world outside of their hood. It can leave you wide open and bare. Anything you do can be misconstrued. The things you say may be considered suspect or subversive. Unless people know where you are coming from it can be challenging communicating with others. This is particularly so on social media where the slightest thing you write can be blown out of proportion and used against you. You make an off-handed remark and before you know it a Twitter feud ensues. The things you say are easily taken out of context because these people are not your real friends.

We need to remind ourselves that we all have the same rights.

Freedom of expression should be held in high esteem.

We have the same dignity and equal rights.

However, if someone is doing or saying something that is unconscionable you do not have to respect their words. You don’t have to go along just to get along. There is usually no need to be hateful about it. Respect should not be expected outside of your hood. Respect is a precious commodity everywhere else.

Yes, we are all apart of the human-hood. We can relate and understand a lot in terms of the basics. The day in and day out of it. Understand that these are exceptional times. Be careful out there when you are not with your tribe. Everyone is on edge. If you are too sensitive to get involved in a conversation with strangers stay out of the fray.

These days? To ask someone you don’t know to be kind is asking a lot.

Yes, we all have the same rights. But our beliefs do not necessarily hold the same weight of respectability.

Be aware of this. It will keep you from emotional harm.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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