Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious. – Oscar Wilde

I am not a team player. I don’t care to be on the winning or losing side of a game. The idea of Nations and Nationhood has not been around all that long. Nationhood is a geographic anomaly where you create a false allegiance to people you wouldn’t spit on. You imagine you are somehow in the same clan. Thus making you a Patriot. Before everyone got carried away with the idea of Nationhood our caring territory was a lot smaller. You were expected to care for your family. Maybe your closest neighbors. If you really wanted to go large your sphere of caring extended to your village.

Nationality really only became a thing when people in power found it to be advantageous to their cause as rulers. Once they were able to convince people to ban together that had zip in common they could then control them. Use them. If the powers that be were really slick they could convince these people that it was in their best interest to be abused by them as well.

I have never been taken in by an imagined community.

The idea that a certain Nation of humans are “my people” is anathema to me. Don’t get me wrong. I know who I belong to and what is mine. But I was in a rock and roll band once and once was enough. To go outside of a select few for love and a sense of identity is madness. This sense of a tight connection with strangers that have the same country of origin stamped on their passports is a set-up. A set-up that serves only a tiny percentage of people. The rest of the folks obsessed with the idea suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.

See, when you buy into us then there has to be a them. The them will at some point become the enemy and I don’t really believe in enemies. I don’t care for people that try to tell me who my enemies are. I am not passionate enough about any group of people to go to war with anyone. I will not die for a country. I do not suggest that others die for a country. Why on earth would anyone do that? For a religion? Don’t be ridiculous.

Die because you want to.

Die because you must.

Do not die or kill another human being because you have some kind of an attachment disorder to an imagined community. That’s nuts.

Your social identity is not the measure of your worth. You are not better because of a group you feel you belong to. We live on one planet. Every human on the planet is equal. We belong to the human race. Not the American race. Or the British race. Or the African race. Or the Saudi Arabian race. The human race.

This idea that we are connected to people because we share the same country of birth is a scam. A scam the owners i.e. professional grifters that rule countries have been running for too long. These charlatans are taking advantage of our basic human need to belong.

It’s wrong.

They are wrong.

Don’t buy into it.

And for G-sake under no circumstances should you say “yes” to World War III under the guise of freedom. You are already free. War lines the pockets of Presidents and Kings with more gold than you or I will ever see. That is all it has ever done. That is all it will ever do.

Get a grip.

Stay alive.

Just say; NO.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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