I’m cannot write the Ocean. I can only share my Truth. –

Dr Alexandra Brooks

Words. Music. Nature. Love. These thing along with a host of others have the ability to make us feel something. When we try to express our feelings an emotional current begins to form.  Every word is a color. The hue of which directs and redirects while the current continues to move. If you can feel the rush of the current the communication was clear. It will move you in a way you may not be able to describe. You only know how it made you feel and you will never forget it. A poor communication can leave us feeling empty. Like an unwanted question mark at the end of a compound sentence.

The why of it. The why me of it. The why not me of it all.

There are people on this planet that are gifted communicators. Brilliant writers. Speakers. Musicians. Poets. Gardeners. Lovers. Others struggle with a kind word or a cogent thought. We are not in competition with any of them. We only have a responsibility to express ourselves the best we can. You never know when the seemingly most insignificant thing you have to share is exactly what another person needed to hear. You spoke your truth and in that moment, you saved someone. You may not have saved their lives. But you gave them clarity. You took away the question mark and put a proper dot at the end of the sentence. We all know how good that feels.

As a searcher, I am reminded daily of the visceral pleasure of a clear communication. I am addicted to the magic of anything that has a vibe. A good vibe or a not so good vibe. If it feels true I am ready to ride the most treacherous wave of the vibe into the rocky sand. Even if it is just a few words or a melody that haunts and won’t let me go. The feeling of Truth is like having gold run through your veins.

These are the things that make life worth living. Everything you feel and the ability to communicate those feelings to others. Anything that makes you think, wish, hope, is an inspiration. And inspiration is always welcome.

Putting out the fires on the roadside of your life is to be expected. None of us are above the distractions karma, a day gig, or a troubling MRI may bring. There is more of this than most of us care for, I know only too well. However, it is only a part of life. Certainly, not the good part. The better part is the part that has you feeling what you feel deeply. Understanding what you need to understand completely. Loving the things you love with every ounce of everything you have. When you are clear about these things. Life works. You will know what is right for you. It will have a vibe.

And if it has that vibe. Embrace it.

Then by all means share it.

I hope this makes sense to you. I pray my communication is clear.

Sending Love, Light, & Oceans of Bliss.

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