Our longing is our calling. – Louise Hay

Life is elusive when you are chasing it. It is impossible to escape when it is coming after you. You can’t run. You can’t hide. Like Bull Dog Drummond, Life will hunt you down and make a fool of you until you submit to the call. My friend Mare told me to watch a Netflix doc on Ginger Baker she really likes. You remember Ginger? The drummer for Cream and a heap of other bands. I am partial to drummers. Always have been. The first time I heard Bernard Purdie play I was hooked. Then there was that school girl crush on Ringo Starr.

But I digress.

I watched the flick and I loved it. ” Beware Of Mr Baker ”

Ginger was/is one of the most influential drummers of the last century. He is largely considered to be the Father of Rock Drummers. However, if you know music. Ginger was actually a fabulous jazz musician. I am not all that appreciative of the music that gave birth to Metal. But I love Ginger Baker. He has a clear calling. No one else even comes close.

The problem with Mr Baker appeared to be an unhealthy, healthy drug habit. The truth is. His brain chemistry kept him from being everything he could have been. He chased things that had nothing to do with his calling. He gave into his anger, clouded judgment, and things that made him feel good in the moment. When your brain chemistry is off you are at the mercy of the misfire. It is frustrating. It makes it hard to communicate. Little things that other people take in stride are overwhelming to you. The constant disconnect from that misfiring brain is maddening. In order to keep the room from spinning a person can become controlling and abusive. They are always struggling to keep it together as they are falling apart. While other rock idols of that era are busy calling their portfolio investors. Ginger is chillin’ in South Africa searching for change between the sofa pillows. His chemistry just got the best of him.

I don’t really believe in addiction.

We always have a choice.

I use the word addiction as a descriptive.

Keeping that in mind. Addicts hide behind drugs or whatever to banish the pain of life. Artists use their pain to create beauty. When you get your wires crossed as an artist the siren call of addiction will keep you chasing Life. Life is an art. We are all artists. Most of us can’t play like Ginger, sing like Billie, or paint like Monet but we are still artists when it comes to crafting a life. If you come at life with preconceived notions you will never be able to fill your cavernous spirit. There will never be enough because you are eliminating half of what is available with your idea of what it should be. If you think it should be easy or easier? There won’t be much happiness for you this time around.

When our biochemistry is off no amount of will power can overcome the chosen addiction. ¬†Everything from anger to heroin to food cannot be managed if we are chemically incorrect. There is so much more help for these imbalances now. When Ginger was born and in his heyday there really was no help for someone with this problem. It was clear what he was called here to do. He just couldn’t pursue it successfully through his pain.

He went to rehab. Lots of people go to rehab. Rehab is butter on toast.

You have a calling.

It may not be what you think it is.

It may not give you what you think it should.

Still, it is there. It is an ever present longing you just have to recognize above all the others. You won’t be happy until you find the groove of that calling and bring it home. In order to pursue a calling. You must be as free as you possibly can be. You won’t get anywhere if your psyche is in pain. Get over it. Get help. Get right.

Don’t run.

Embrace it.

Embrace yourself.

Wrap your arms around it without some bright idea of what it should be. What it is will be more than enough. If you aren’t sure what your calling is. No worries. It will find you. Life will always find you. Your calling isn’t something outside of you. It’s something you already have.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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