The simple act of caring is heroic. – Edward Albert

It is our cultural heritage to care. Or at least to pretend to care. We don’t have to do anything about the things we say we care about. That would mean taking responsibility for an outcome when pretense is all that is warranted. It is however only sporting to stay out of the way of those that are serious about their caring. Not caring is like putting the movie you’re watching or the music you are listening to on pause. Nothing happens until you press forward. No movement. No sound. Nothing.

As a species we have evolved in every way. Still, we are all hard wired to care about our food, water, shelter, safety, offspring, comfort and comforts. Once the basics are satisfied. When we have accumulated enough to cover said basics three-fold. What next? Do we feel compelled to help others or does the old ennui set in? Must we care at all?

See, that’s the downside of free will.

There is always a ball in your court.

There is always a decision to be made.

Someone or something is always going to tug at our hearts and try to make us care.

There is a lot going on right now and much of it is not explainable. As a psychological defense when we don’t understand the why we discount and minimize the importance of the It. 

We need to understand the cause to care. Multiple causes render uncertainty. No matter what promises are given there are situational demands. Reactive behavior cannot be explained or predicted. Typically, when someones reactive behavior is not explainable given the situation we discount them and their beliefs. It is no longer feels acceptable to care. No matter how invested we are in a cause. We’ve lost certainty.

Grown humans know that effort and ability are two different things.

You can have a master plan and work your tail off. But if you aren’t smart enough, gifted enough, or lucky enough. You lack ability. Chances are you won’t succeed. Self-sabotaging behavior complicates matters. When we are uncertain about an outcome we may create obstacles that aren’t real to blame our failures upon. It is one way for us to discount our own shortcomings and blame it on the boogie.

Some people are champs at this sort of ambiguity. They can explain away anything and use your uncertainty and lack of commitment to undermine everything you say you care about. Beware of these manipulators. Know one when you see one.

And if you are one.

Stop it.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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