If not us, who? If not now, when? – John F Kennedy

Accepting responsibility for a life or job well-done or jacked-up is a sign of being a mensch. If you don’t know what a mensch is. Why don’t you have more Jewish friends? Huh? Don’t try to explain. It is what it is.

At a certain point in life you get that the Calvary isn’t going to show up on horse back loaded for bear to save your silly butt. That’s when you realize. Jim Dandy to the rescue is you little old you. When we are able to let go of our past and not schlep it into the present, life works.

We always have a choice. We can move forward or we can blame our lack of good fortune to keep us stuck in that energy. Your future is not designed by your past. It is dictated by the choices made in the now.

Acceptance is key.

Acceptance is not resignation.

Resignation implies that things can not change. We give up.

Acceptance is a starting point.

When should we begin? Now is best. Why not?

We humans have the ability to respond to anything that comes our way exactly as we would like to. We are not destined to make the same mistakes over and over again. There will always be challenges and rivers to cross. We become adept at climbing mountains and kicking over molehills with time and experience.

A set back is an opportunity to regroup. They are actually good things a great deal of the time.  Set backs give you a time out off the clock. Time to think things over. Lighten up. Regroup. Or cut bait.

Nothing is written in stone if you are willing to choose in the moment.

When is now.

Who is always you.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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