If you give it good concentration, good energy, good heart and good performance, the song will play you. – Levon Helm

Life is a broken gift. It is up to you to put the pieces together and heal it. It may never be perfectly mended but it can be healed. Life, like the Ocean is never still. It changes with the tide. The waves coming into shore can be rough and choppy or calm and loving. I’m looking at the Ocean as I write this blog. Today the sky and Ocean are a perfectly matched linen sweater and skirt of dove grey. It’s one of those days where there is not a defining difference between the water and clouds. And you know what? It is still beautiful.

At some point in the day the sun will come out even if it is just to lay itself down for the evening. The Ocean will reflect the soft lemony radiance as it slips into the horizon. The sea will offer a thank you prayer of frothy waves that kiss the sand. Someone on a beach somewhere will have their tired happy feet in the wake bearing witness to this love affair. This too is a prayer.

Every life sings its own song.

We can categorize it. Call it blues. Jazz. Hard Rock. Classical. Romantic. Most of us have sung our life song a dozen different ways. It doesn’t matter what category we think it belongs to. Music always has its own beauty. ┬áIf we are mindful. Give it the right energy. Put our hearts into it. We don’t have to worry about the actual performance. It is not our place to judge the outcome. We just have to show up and sing the damn song as true as we possibly can. Life will sing back to us.

It is a welcome delight to not have to work hard for the attention you receive.

Life, like a good hearted person will give you the love you feel you need.

It will turn on you if you ever imagine that you are entitled to the kindness.

That is when a good heart or a good life will give up on you.

That is when the skies will turn a cold, dark, shadowy grey and the days and nights will become too long.

It doesn’t happen in a moment. You have to take advantage of kindness for good while before it turns on you. Turns on you like a lover you were too busy to love. Life does not suffer fools gladly. If this happens there is a way back to Grace.

Start here.

Practice Gratitude. Humble, appreciative, warm gratitude. Say Thank You.

Get your song back.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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