You can die the death of a thousand cuts very easily. – Adam Cummings

When everyday a little piece of your Light is cut away – your spirit is certain to die a slow and painful death. As Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City might say. “As I approached the end of the war of my soul. I had to wonder? Would I look back on my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and realize I had been a drama slut?

Like Venus, it takes some of us over two hundred Earth days to experience a single dawn. Throw in the Five Stages of Grief over a loved one. A divorce. A bankruptcy. A fat attack. A minor shopping addiction. A major love addiction. A clown for a Prez that drives you to the brink of distraction. Or an extended period of self-doubt. That two hundred day Earth dawn may take as long as a few years for anyone of us to get back up on our long board to ride the waves.

At times Life is a little too Lifey. Like a series of comorbid conditions attached to one great big festering disorder.

“Why me?” We ask.

And as the room fills with smoke from a deeply inhaled, slowly exhaled entire pack of Lucky Strikes. You can hear the voice of Bette Davis from beyond the grave saying; “Why not you, ya chump?” That Bette is a character, isn’t she?

I’m convinced God is a Republican. The bleeding: ‘ Life, love it or leave it ‘ rhetoric is classic Dick Nixon. Even though we know SHE is a she. Or is She? Anyway, They take the Divine Will thing a little too far a little too often. I’m not thrilled. I don’t enjoy living life with a banana republic dictator for a Higher Power. Do you?

There is a rebel without a clue lurking in the corner of every human mind. Most days you just have to tell it to chill. Hell is not a terribly festive place to live. It is only somewhat inviting because the real estate is so cheap. Kind of like Pittsburgh. Would you banish your best friend to Pittsburgh? No. So, do whatever it takes to rally. First and foremost get some sleep then continue to get enough rest no matter what. If you think Life is Lifey now? Try doing it on two hours of sleep. It ain’t happening.

Even the tiniest flicker of hope and reason can lift you up and get you back on the road to shine again. You gotta work it right. Fake it til you make it. Go easy and all that 12 Step yak. You are here on Earth today to have the best day. One day at a time. Satisfaction is not guaranteed but it is bound to keep you amused. Especially if you have a black Gothic sense of humor.

Above all. Act like you know what you’re doing. It’s important to keep up appearances. Don’t ask. It just is. Get that ruse going. Before you know it everything will be coming up roses and liberals. I mean liberation.

Liberation from the privately owned prison of your imagination you little soap opera loving infidel.

Surf’s up 24/7 for those unafraid of the dark.

Ride those thirty foot waves with love. Get through this day and every other day with some grace.

And the next and the next and next.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss.

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