I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.

– S. E. Hinton

Humans lie.

We lie to our lovers. Our friends. Our families. Ourselves. We are used to being lied to by the Government. Some regimes more than others. If you choose to worship within the constraints of organized religion. Those institutions manage to tell the best lies going. The thing about lies that is so upsetting is not always the original transgression. It is the fact that forever more you will not be able to believe the liar that lied to you. You will second guess everything they say.

If you have been lying to yourself this can be particularly vexing.

If you can’t trust yourself then whom?

Trusting who you are is essential to living your best life. It is how you know what to do, what to say, how to be. Where to go. Your soul knows the way but if your ego has been playing mind games with your heart your True North may need to be re-calibrated. What you know and how you feel should be the same thing.

Letting go of what you think things should be like. Telling yourself that anything other than what is truly is. Understanding that life may be trying to offer you something far better than what you can possibly conceive of. These are the keys to your truth. Life is whispering in your ear. Listen to it. Try not to allow yourself to do all of that second guessing. Don’t hold on to what should be when what will be is yet unknown.

The right doors will appear and your job is to be there on time to open them and do the work.

Learning to trust yourself is a process. Mistakes will be made.

So what?

Try again. You are worth the win.

Just tell the truth.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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