Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting. – Anne Lamott

If you have been following this blog you know that I am overly fond of Netflix. My latest Netflix fling is an original offering called: Iron Fist. It is a spin off from Marvel’s The Defenders as I recall. I admire martial arts and I have a weakness for staged, cheezy, studio wrestling. I also enjoy boxing, surfing, sour peach gummies, long walks on the beach and old Little Willie John records. But I digress.

I was talking to my friend the other night. Her business is going through a major transition. She has a lot of decisions to make. Her business is keeping her awake at night and she is struggling every step of the way. She is afraid to make an incorrect move that could wind up costing her thousands of dollars. Understandable. Even wealthy people cannot afford to screw up financially.

The difference is this.

If you have a lot of money you have a lot of energy.

You may not enjoy losing some of that energy but your mindset is that there is an endless supply no matter. You don’t live in fear of losing it all. You just do all you can do to make it work. You win most. You lose a few. Big deal. You keep moving forward because you have the energy/funds in reserve to do so. You don’t ever feel that your character or poor decisions are to blame for a failure. You don’t take it so hard or to heart.

All things being considered living on the Lack Train is not the good part. If you have a history of struggling there is a part of you that believes it will never be another way. This belief is a killer. If your struggle has been monumentally humiliating it is not easy to recover from the shame. You may then go into personal and professional situations vulnerable and unarmed. You may feel that at any moment everything you have worked for can just fall away. You are doing what you can do but there are the circumstances. You aren’t sure who you are going to be or need to be to rise above the circumstances.

As I was watching Iron Fist a sensei said these words to a student that struck me.

He said; ” You are your weapon. “

It got me to thinking about how life so often presents itself as an opponent in a boxing ring. We duck and weave to keep from taking a hit. We go the ten rounds. We either become a champ or bend the knee to our worthy opponent. You need to decide what kind of weapon you are going to be before you take center ring. There is always going to be a fight. A mountain to climb. A river to swim across. It will never be easy. Just decide before the bout what kind of weapon you are. Go with that because it is really all ya got.

Hammer. Knife. Gun. Sword. So many weapons to choose from. You can only master one at a time. Choose. Use your weapon properly and completely. Take care of it. Keep it clean and in good shape. Do not let the past dull your blade with negativity. Get used up. There is more where that came from. No worries.

Go where you are lead and keep asking for guidance.

Most things worth doing have a great deal of resistance to work through before a switch flips. Then everything falls into place gracefully. You will meet the right people and enter the correct situations on Divine Time only. Not a minute sooner.

No one is perfect. No one gets it right 100% of time. Perfect is actually quite boring. All the best people have some some version of a rags to riches tale to tell. Your job is to be the weapon you need to be to knock down the resistance and naysayers to get what you want.

Even if that resistance and smack talk happens to be coming from you.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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