She remembered who she was and the game changed . – Lalah Deliah

Hope proves nothing. It is only supports your cause. If your cause is Love. Love for all sentient beings, yourself, and the sake of Love itself. Hope is the wind you need to lift your wings and fly. Being hopeful takes trust. If you are all out of trust you are out of a lot. I know. I have been there.

Although time does not heal all things – healing does take time. It is helpful to avoid the company of crazy folks while you heal. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed for taking care of yourself. It is actually a rather revolutionary, wildly subversive thing do to. In this world of pink knit Pussy Hats I would say your timing is excellent. If you need to check out for awhile?


We are here support your cause. Right on. Power to the You.

Life is messy. Uncomfortable. Confusing.

At times Life is Empty.

Then the Light returns.

The Light returns on its own time but you can prepare your heart to receive it gracefully and that tends to speed up the traffic. Eliminates some of the red lights along the way.

Nothing grows in the darkness but more darkness and things we would never want to see in the light of day.

You are already who you are born to be you just need to remember who that person is. Remember and admit that you aren’t always able to be a Believer when the going gets really tough. Admit that you are not always able to practice what you preach. Admit that you have moments, hours, days, months, where you doubt the very existence of The Divine. Much less a Merciful God. I mean really, where’s the proof of this Omniscient Light? Ever hear of Hurricane Harvey? 9/11? Cancer? How about the GOP?

Here’s the thing.

I love people that have to work at their Faith.

If you told me you woke up today and yelled at the Heavens and said; ‘Screw You! Why would I believe in anything as mean and unjust as You? You need to clean up Your Divine Act, if You even exist. I’m giving YOU five minutes to do it before I become an atheist. Ya, chump.’

If you told me that or something similar? I would invite you to Panera for lunch my treat.



Cause it’s Real.

And you are perfect.

It’s Real and you are perfect and it takes courage and humanity to admit you are struggling. YOU are brave. Brave and Real. Kinda mouthy and scrappy as well. I ┬álove that in my humans.

Feel the pain.

All of it.

Don’t numb or dumb it down.

Trust that you will heal because you are capable of healing. You have done it before and you will do it again. Hope will return. Hope that will lift you up because Hope knows how to do its bloody job. You will be a Believer once more. Everything is easier when you Believe. It will happen. If you allow it. It will happen. Then you are free to thrive.

We are here on this Earth to taste life. Not defeat it.

It sure as hell doesn’t have permission to defeat us unless we hand it the keys. I don’t know about you but I am choicey about who I give my keys to. Yes, life can sometimes be like the abusive boyfriend you just can’t quit. The difference is that with Life we don’t have a choice.

There is no quitting. There is only healing after the mighty punches you took the last round.

Could be worse. Some of us don’t have the privilege of participating in the full twelve rounds.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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