The Ocean is a wild, shining, ancient soul. Loving us. Blessing us. Teaching us. Reminding us that life is deep and blue and happiness comes in waves. –

Dr Alexandra Brooks

As I write this I have the undeserved privilege of hearing Ocean waves crashing to shore. I gaze out the window and I can see the wake foam as it kisses the sand. I live for the spell this magnificent mural has on me. There are some overgrown trees that block my larger view. This stymied perspective allows me to take in what is available and I must leave the rest longing to be seen.

Is it enough?


I am not ungrateful for what I have. I just want it all. Don’t you? Be that as it may. I am well aware of my good fortune and though I am unworthy of this bliss I am going to breathe it in as if I own it. Embrace it as if it were mine and mine alone. For as long as it lasts.

The Ocean has never been a place for me to sunbathe and play. It has been the place I run to when I need to be found. In over forty years of living close to an Ocean it has never let me down. At the very least the rhythm of the water makes my soul dance. The lingering scent of salt and sand carries me through. It heals my heart. Heals it enough to give me the courage to step forward and away from the darkness.

The Ocean is Life.

It is the calm and the treachery. The agony and the ecstasy. The shallow and the deep. The blues and the blues and the blues.

The timeless tides remind me that there is only Divine Time.

Growing up I never cared to emulate another human. I admired some. Enjoyed some. Respected some. Loved some. But I never wanted to be like some. Decade after decade I have only wanted to be like the Ocean.

Wild. Free. True. A thousand shades of Blue.

I do not believe in organized religion.

My religion is not organized at all.

It is never the less The Great All and I worship at its altar everyday.

My faith resides in the wind. The rain. Myself.

And the ever changing ever constant Sea.

Sending Light, Love & Oceans of Bliss …

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