Darling so it goes. Some things are meant to be. –

Elvis Presley

Human behavior can be beyond confusing. Lately, too many seem to be in the mire and making a year of it. This is a One Year. This does not bode well for the Nine Year Cycle to come. Heaps of morally and spiritually troubled people all looking for their 15 minutes. So many kooks. So little Xanax. There is not enough sugar and carbs in the world to push down the anger and frustration of dealing with the nonsense. I suggest we all keep a better record of our troubles. Share them as needed. History is poetry.

It’s always best to give people all the time and space they need to roam. I feel we should also give them enough rope to hang themselves if they are so inclined. Why? Some things are meant to be and no amount of kindness and patience on your part is going to change a damn thing.

The sooner you understand this the faster you will make the connections you need to make and let go of the riff raff. The Universe will find a way to make the connections you need. Certain ties and contracts cannot be broken. They are soul defining. They rule the miles on a path we cannot predict. They will find their way to you like a stray puppy in need of a home. Patience, Grasshopper.

When the right person, place, situation is the one for you? You will know it. Your heart will not beat faster. It will not knock you for a loop. You will not be blinded by its light. You will feel as though you have returned to the comfort of the arms and heart of an old friend. And it will be the easiest thing that has happened to you in a long time.

Sometimes you just have to wait for Life to read the map.

In the meanwhile. Stay away from the kooks. Life is too long to play with fire.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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