Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves. ~

Mason Cooley

Spiritual Foreclosure. Recovering your balance after someone ( or something ) has stopped honoring their commitment to a contract. Their promissory note no longer holds promise. You tear up your deed of trust. Foreclose ( Surrender ) before you lose your soul. It is an act of Compassion for everyone involved. Compassion requires that we rise above ourselves for the Higher Good. Ultimately, for ourselves as well. For whatever is not for the Highest Good of all will always fail and fade.

Grief is a demanding companion. Constantly pulling at you for attention. It doesn’t like being relegated to the sidelines. It wants to claim your vision so that everything is filtered through its dark shadowy lens. Grief is a spoiled little bitch. When you turn the key and walk away you will have to teach grief more lessons than it teaches you. Otherwise, you won’t heal.

Not everyday is a good day for poetry.

Not everyday is a day to share your demons.

We can pray but prayers may not deliver us.

Only love can do that. And humans do not make love. Love makes us.

History has a scent. Painful history carries a middle heart note of desperation and loss. It tends to compete with the current assertive fresh head tones. In reality it is all about those base notes. The heavy underlying scent that lingers in the air as your chemistry dictates. If “what ifs” tend to haunt you? You best enjoy the stench of milk past its expiration date.

We make choices before we understand them.

We change our minds once all the information is in.

It’s no way to do business.

But the business of Life is complicated. You will not always get out of it what you put into it. You will love and not be loved in return. You will cry and laugh alone. You will not read the fine print in the contract and feel like a fool because of it. You know what? It’s okay. We need to lighten up and go easy. Or at least easier.

We have to be at peace with the idea that what is ours is exactly what we need.

Forgiveness is the only path to freedom.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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