Our words do not always tell the truth. Our actions are supposed to take care of that stuff. ~ Dr Alexandra Brooks

A dry drunk is someone that no longer drinks or takes drugs but behaves in the same dysfunctional self-destructive behavior they indulged in as an active substance abuser. The term may also be used to describe someone that doesn’t drink alcohol but behaves poorly in specific ways. Often, people that refuse to drink know intuitively they would have a problem if they did imbibe. Someone in their family struggles with substance abuse. The dry drunk knows they would never escape the troubled fate their addicted loved one holds if they opened up the dragon cage. No matter. A dry drunk has all of the markings of an addict and exhibits the dry high madness to go with it.

Their lives go untreated because no one around them is brave enough to tell them the truth. They tend to fail. Fail over and over and over again.

General dissatisfaction, negative attitudes, hateful spewing. and extreme emotional unrest are the hallmarks of this syndrome. These people are easily triggered. It takes nothing. Even the benign lack of attention from those around them ( or the masses ) can begin the beguine. The beguine of the infatuation they have with themselves. They love themselves to distraction therefore you are expected to do the same.

Yes, there is some serious psychology going on with a narcissist on a dry drunk. I don’t know about you but I don’t really care to be forced to get a degree in Computer Science to turn on my laptop. I tend to run from the terminally unique amongst us. I suggest you do as well. Also, kindly have the insight to never vote a dry drunk into government office.

Ever notice how these people for all their grandiosity manage to convince others they are forever the victim in the crime scene of their dramas. Poor things. The ring around their butt from sitting on that pity pot 24/7 must hurt like a B.

Impulse control and patience are foreign concepts to a dry drunk. Most of us understand the phrase; Time takes time. Not a dry drunk. Someone is always better than or less than. Bitterness abounds. The idea of the sweetness of simply being is lost on these ingrates. Mental isolation kicks in on a regular basis. Once this happens no progress can be made. There is no longer movement towards something which is what life is all about.

Inertia sets in cause the party is over.

It is easy to mistake fear for laziness.

There is only love and fear.

Anxiety is a futile emotion seated in the future. Much like guilt ( another futile bit of business ) is seated in the past. There is no happiness in embracing either.

Irritability and discontent are alive in well in the hearts of the restless. They fester in someone that cannot be in the now. A dry drunk has no use for now. It isn’t painful enough. Mostly, because it isn’t hurting you.

In life we need to look for things that bond us rather than separate us.

Little annoyances. Petty grudges. You, you, you, me, me, me. Separation mentality causes only pain.

No one gets to live on a pink cloud for more than a moment. No one.

No one should have an ounce of power in our lives if they insist we keep the cloud fluffy for them. You know, you can never please a person like this. They are battling demons only a professional can help them deal with.

I say; Drink or get off the pot.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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