And you, you scare people because you are whole all by yourself. –┬áLauren Alex Hooper

An idiolect is a persons specific, unique way of speaking. It is a verbal fingerprint of the way you express yourself in words. A personal dialect curated by you. Your voice. No two idiolects are exactly alike. I have always found this to be fascinating. Recently, I was watching a new series on Netflix that brought the subject to mind. It is a wonder we can communicate with other humans at all when you consider how singularly we express ourselves.

Everyone wants love but no one wants to be loving.

Well, not no one.

There are still a few saints amongst us, I suppose.

Does the inimitable way you express yourself show your true heart? Or are you towing the party line? The party being that group of people you answer to in your head. Your parents. Your 3rd grade teacher. Your priest. Your kids. Your boss. Your political association. Your significant or not so significant other. Your whomever-whatever-it-is-that-keeps-you-keeping-on.

Does anyone really know or understand you?

Does it matter?

It would appear given the addiction to social networking that it does matter. We not only care what people close to us think about us. We are obsessed with what complete strangers think of us as well. Given the rampant use of bots since the 2016 Election ‘they’ may not even be real people.

Never has it been more important that you communicate clearly. Insouciance can get you in a lot of trouble in the 21st Cen. Your devil may care can bring the devil for you to deal with in moments. Everything moves faster now save for the things we wish would speed up already.

I am a Professional.

Professional Psychic.

Professional Singer.

Professional Writer.

Professional Smart-Ass.

I say things a certain way. I express myself like no other person. I do not care if everyone gets me. I do not care if my intention was this and a thousand people I have never met think I meant that. I identified with Beatniks, Zen Masters, and Poets growing up. I still do.

I’m not saying I am special.

I am saying that if you are unable to self-actuate and be free of the chains that bind you to living an inauthentic life you will never know joy. I am saying that it is essential to know yourself. I am saying you should have little expectation of ever being understood or cared for to be real. I am saying that you are the only person that needs to understand and love your distinct voice. Your beautiful, complex, unique voice.

Don’t be afraid to be unpopular. Strange in a superficial world. Unaccepted by the Accepted.

You are exceptional and you have nothing to prove to anyone that is not you.

From the words you speak and the way you speak them all the way down to your style of loving and being. The people, things, and situations that get you will find you.


Because they have been searching for you all along.

Shine a light. It’s time.

Sending Love, Light & Oceans of Bliss …

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