path “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal” – Rumi

I have always taken Rumi’s words of wisdom in the quote above to heart. In my work and in my personal life as we only have one whole life this time around. We are all in a constant state of healing and renewal. It is an on-going, colorful process. As we walk along our chosen Path it is helpful to have as much Light as we can possibly garner illuminate our way. This is what I do…  I shine a Light.

I work as an Intuitive-Empath. I Read on the phone. As I Read only Energy ( not faces or body language ) the phone is the very best way for you to receive a Reading from me. Your subconscious mind contains many of the answers you are looking for already. I am uniquely able to access energy and Read it for you. I will need a question from you to induce an accurate flow of information from my “storyboard” and the Reading begins.

As a Healer I work with Pink Light. You will receive a Pink Light Healing every time I Read for you. This gentle healing light resonates to the energy of Love. And Love heals everything. Everything.

CALL ME @: 323.333.9277

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